Beverages development and manufacture

Quality products, manufactured using state-of-the-art production processes.

1design GmbH helps large industrial and commercial firms develop new niche products for clearly defined target groups. Here, the prime focus is on creating innovative & highly effective niche products with a high degree of added value. Due to the pressure on the prices of numerous standard products in the beverages industry, niche products aimed at target groups are becoming increasingly important, both in regard to turnover and profitability. Our extremely modern production processes always comply with the relevant legal norms and standards.

Flavouring, essences & active ingredients for the perfect mixture.

1design GmbH has years of experience in developing new drink products. It has created dozens of different products, above all the latest energy drinks, for both domestic and foreign clients. The substances, ingredients and composition of these products vary according to the specific target group and customer requirements. For some time now, 1design GmbH has been creating activating products promoting a balanced diet, with the focus on developing new active-ingredient complexes for content-driven food supplements.


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